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  • stamo stamo Jul 27, 2000 11:25 AM Flag


    Nice, very nice. Davis says "Business
    is Booming" Maybe the turnaround is real. Let's hope so.

    Note: No mention so far of a dividend

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    • Hi Woody. I am at my local library, AH the life
      of ease without the Indian. 47 days and me and Jimmy
      don't miss the place a bit. Hope you are doing well!! I
      must say I am having not much luck finding a new
      employ up here in Tip. Hope you see you -

    • There seem to be rumblings in themarketplace
      about another disappointing qtr from MOT, of course
      same was true earlier this week about Cisco, maybe a
      lot of 'shorts' who are wanting a stampede to cover.
      With DNY's current state of process control, I think
      they would be better of to start with 1_Sigma. All
      kidding aside, I truly believe that there is less
      understanding and control of the internal processes than there
      were 20 years ago. When you have a pressroom foreman
      asking a CS Rep what settings he wants dialed in on the
      CREO to run his job, I submit to you a process that is
      not well defined. Yes, it is true, I was there and
      have the t-shirt.The down hill slide started when
      supervisors went away and 'facilitators' appeared on the
      scene.Isn't the CEO of MOT an heir of some of the founders?
      Seems like I remember reading a story in the WSJ about
      that several years ago, seemed like they were
      suggesting he couldn't start his fathers Oldsmobile.

    • Hey Woody... got a rise outta ya. Always good to
      hear your take on the issues.

      Anyway,Of course
      you're right on your points, BUT, the perception in the
      market and on the street continues to be quite good. I
      guess the real question becomes, "Whose reality is
      correct?" If we're in this for the longterm for a capital
      gain of large proportions, I think the "streets"
      reality is best. For the short term, I'm not sure I dump
      some $$'s into it at this time.

      And your memory
      about the MOT/DNY relationship is dead-on. What a
      memory. Maybe that will change in the future if DNY's 6
      sigma program really does what it is planned for. With
      the Indians track record on integrating goods ideas
      into the culture of the business, 6-Sigma and a
      quarter will get ya.... (fill in the


    • fshmn3 I am a little surprised that you are that
      happy. I followed MOT for a long time and my
      recollection is that they had about 5 bad quarters out of the
      last 12. I also believe they were a big investor in
      Iridium which has pretty much went belly up, I do not
      know if they have wrote that off as a loss or what, I
      would want to know b4 I bought into them. Living causes
      cancer but you never know what a jury might do. for what
      it is worth, MOT did some work with DNY book group
      for a while , I think they were '6 Sigma'ing' bark
      specs in the paper! I believe DNY was not put on their
      preferred provider list so that relationship has ended, I


    • I bought 200 shares in 9/98 and have NEVER
      regretted it. They'll have to pry it out of my cold dead
      hands, inless, of course, the whole thing goes belly up.

      The question NOW concerns the possible link between
      cancer and cell phones. MOT has recently been sued for
      such a connection.

      The analysts rating is
      presently 1.58 where 1.0 is a "strong buy: and 2.0 is a
      "buy". This is from 26 analysts and has been coming down
      from 1.71 about 3 months ago.

      Of course, your
      own rersearch is probably the best information on
      which to base an opinion.

      Good Luck.......

    • Is this a good "tech" stock? MOT has cell phones
      and satalites and MacIntosh processors.

      are also the founding father of Six Sigma, where it
      was a huge success.

      A whole fleet of satalites
      is a nice thing to own, but with a 50+ PE! Do you
      think this is normal or healthy?

      anyway, I
      recently read about Motorola and saw you talking about
      tech stocks, and was wondering how Motorola stacks
      up.. winner or looser? thanks

    • Like EMC but never have have pulled the trigger
      on it. I have owned Intel , Cisco, Adobe, Dell and
      Worldcom for quite some time. I consider Worldcom a
      quasitech since they control so much of the internet back
      bone. As you can see I pretty much play the
      infrastructure side of the street with companies that have real
      earnings albeit high p/e's. The drops can be scary but at
      least they seem to come back stronger than ever, unlike
      DNY so far. Never did get into the dotcoms or the
      Ebay's or Amazon's, just never could find a financial
      model that supported their valuations. Can't say it
      took a lot of brainpower to buy the ones I own, just
      stomach to stand the volatility.woody912

    • what tech stocks do you like--emc?

    • The quarterly dividend was increased from $.22 per share to $.23.


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