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  • what_is_the_frequency_kenneth what_is_the_frequency_kenneth Jul 13, 2005 10:46 AM Flag

    Atlas the Fool and the Liar.

    What, like we didn't see the posts two weeks ago where you said you GOT RID of your JULY UCL 70.00 calls? This was after you gto hammered in them, btw.

    Now you're back saying you still have them?

    Get off the boards, and get on the meds.

    Sir Ken

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    • Everything about him/her is a lie.


    • s,,,,,and just 5 minutes dumped the 70;s with small loss

      but immed loaded on uclhn,,,70 august,,,give more time for bid raise and put expire date after vote on cvx deal....too risky with 2 trading days left to hold july 70,s

      150 .22
      150 .10 w/ fees,,,-2195,,,,

      bought 50 aug 70 .60, little pricey but the month out now with raised bid will make 2200 back and way more,,,,looking for cnooc to bid 71.50,,,,,,should run uclhns to 1.50+

      .90 x 50 = +4500 minimum,,,,,thats without cvx bidding back,,,,or more than 71.50 risk risk risk

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      • Sold your July 70 calls? Might be one thing that you will regret for a long time.

        It is a tough call. News might come out one day before or after the July calls expire.

        I am still holding my July 70 calls. I have waited for so long. I would seriously kick my butt if I sold it and the news came out before Friday.

        I think your August calls is a rather safe bet.
        (from day 1 we all knew that July calls was a gamble, and we decided to gamble).

        GOOD LUCK,