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  • ed_bylo ed_bylo Jan 29, 2000 10:24 AM Flag

    If UCL employees were

    productive enough, Beech wouldn't need to hire
    consultants to improve operations. Sometimes one has to lay
    off 5% to get the remaining 95% to work 10% harder.
    That is how productivity is increased. Any salaried
    worker putting in less than 60 hours per week is
    cheating shareholders. Beach being the nice guy that he is
    would rather discard low performing asset rather than
    do what is necessary to get a decent days work from
    his grunts.

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    • Your right, lets all work 10% harder !!!! We can do it. Break out the whips, cut rations, these scum employees are holding back on us. Bring back slavery.

    • based on your last comments, I am not going to waste my time with you stupid remarks -

      • 1 Reply to a_76_oil_man
      • Can't you take a joke? I have to admit that I
        know very little about UCL internal operations. I
        bought here based on previous support, fundamentals, and
        the desire to own a large cap E&P play. I saw Beach
        on CNBC about a year ago, where he stated that they
        were divesting some operations to have more exposure
        to potentially high margin E&P. I think that makes
        sense based on the state of the oil and nat gas
        business. If I wanted diversification, I would buy a mutual
        fund. UCL can be a major trading vehicle in the future
        for those wanting a large cap play. IMO this is a
        great buying opportunity as weak holders exit because
        of OPEC and political concerns.