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  • a_76_oil_man a_76_oil_man Jan 29, 2000 3:24 PM Flag

    If UCL employees were

    based on your last comments, I am not going to waste my time with you stupid remarks -

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    • Can't you take a joke? I have to admit that I
      know very little about UCL internal operations. I
      bought here based on previous support, fundamentals, and
      the desire to own a large cap E&P play. I saw Beach
      on CNBC about a year ago, where he stated that they
      were divesting some operations to have more exposure
      to potentially high margin E&P. I think that makes
      sense based on the state of the oil and nat gas
      business. If I wanted diversification, I would buy a mutual
      fund. UCL can be a major trading vehicle in the future
      for those wanting a large cap play. IMO this is a
      great buying opportunity as weak holders exit because
      of OPEC and political concerns.