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  • windsorsonly windsorsonly Mar 6, 2008 2:53 PM Flag

    what if delisting happens?

    I have been following this board for awhile, so much BS!!! Before the fiberxon books were done it was all doom and gloom and huge lies, it ended up that the revenues were understated due to wrong accounting practices. The continued lies about management purposely not wanting to make a profit, come on that makes no sense?!?!?! I guess I am one of those guys that bought in alittle to high, but I have been averaging down, as long as revenues continue to increase profits should come, this industry might need some consolidation before that happens, but alas it is a small part of my portfolio and worth the risk. Any idea what will happen with the IPO? Will we get shares of SP or will it be held mostly by MRVC like the EMC spin-off of VMware?

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    • "the revenues were understated due to wrong accounting practices."...............usually works the other way. To my memory, they may have been overstated, or costs werent recognized properly, trully dont remember. In any event sales volume ended up higher than MRV's projections.

      With respect to the IPO, IMO how can it proceed under current market conditions. Time is on our side, maybe Q3-4 will look better and allow an offering. If they keep growing revs, sooner or later the market will respond. For right now, IMO they need to pump the networking visability.

      Based on history, if the tax man and the market cooperate, we will receive SP shares. MRV has never been good at market timing these things........... or just plain unlucky.

    • "as revenues continue to increase profits should come"'d think, but that hasnt been the story so far. Cost management hasnt been their thing. Hopefully they've gotten the message.

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