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  • cliffrusso cliffrusso Feb 20, 1998 12:55 PM Flag

    pre earnings announcement bounce

    My dilema today. Do I buy at 27 3/4. Does anyone know if the street reacts negatively what the downside price is?

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    • <My dilema today. Do I buy at 27 3/4. Does anyone know if the street reacts
      negatively what the downside price is?>

      That is not how MRV works! MRV will show great numbers, and MRV will fly around based on some big boy linking MRV decisions to something crazy like BAY's moves! It can be a trial!

      'support' levels seem to be around $24.75 or so, $23, and around $21. At $21, I would be in a buying frenzy!

      today, my limit buy is set at $26 3/4 ... which I would consider theft! I'm way overweight in this stock. Earnings are MOnday, after close. Earnings will be solid. I am confident.

      Bottom line- the downside price is $0.00 -- just like CISCO, or MSOFT. Nobody really knows- so pay your money, and take your chances!

      Best Wishes


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      • wdrone, you seem all hopped up for the report... can't blame you, i too am overweighted but pretending not too care [entry
        points all over the map, but nothing over 26]. to add to your own thoughts, the downside price should be of little concern if one
        is a long-term proponent, not fettered by potential margin calls or the swap syndrome and aware of the volatile nature of this
        specific stock -- hell, i'd think that continued market weakness coupled with increasing fundamental strength would only attract
        potential suitors. i really don't want to see a take out, but rumors have a tendency to attract more attention, and that (w/the
        exception of the appearence of mo-mo players) is a positive -- might force the stock to trade up to a more sensible valuation... and
        stay there. i know i tossed out some conspiracy theories earlier, but my own research and #s crunching point to a positive report
        -- i was just a little wary of the explanation for the delay. typing is better than twiddlin' thumbs or starin' at a wall. have
        a good weekend.

      • Did'nt wait for a reply. 28 13/16 for the stock and some Apr 30's at 1 1/16.

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