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  • bdparts bdparts Sep 22, 2004 1:48 PM Flag

    bdparts CL...IFF picture for you

    greetings...and I'm right in the closing
    out of the bow season....but I think the
    enclosed picture will give you an idea of
    an area for a possible bottom....based upon
    past panics.......sorry I don't have time
    until next week to look at it to you

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    • when looking at july 19, 2002, however(to use
      some misc. legal terminology)....I kinda
      favor moving to the high 42 or low 43 area....
      unless, however, one expects some really bad
      news.....or a significant market break as
      suggested by the comstock partners info posted
      by "hclasvegas" today on the "other board"...
      best to you, bdparts

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      • I too think that mid 42's is most likely the bottom and I do like the company but I am suprized at how little bad news it took to spike it down so far and fast. The news didn't seem all that bad to me. Maybe the "suprise" increase in pension expenses for 2005 as 1999 returns roll off the books will give me even a better oppertunity.

        Besides between the $800 in extra stuff I miscalculated going into my truck and a new Leupold vari-x-III that really wants to be mine I am getting a little bit cash poor. Now there is a nice little family owned business with a moat. Maybe someone in Oregon can talk them into selling to WEB. Any company that can get me to even think about spending over $500 on something I could buy the chinese made cheepo version of for $40 has to have quite a moat;)

    • wright1........
      so, whaddoyouthink about CL...are their
      troubles worse than a momentary panic.....
      ....that five year chart...shows low+ 40's

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      • I don't think so. Though I do know that 2005 "earnings" are going to be hit by higher SG@a expences related to 1999 pension fund returns rolling off the books. The company looks sound to me but knowing that there is a 9% headwind in SGA expences which directly relate to 2005 earnings because of accounting rules makes me wonder and salivate for an even better oppurtunity. The prospect of more boomers feeding science diet to thier new kids also would make me drool after I own CL:-)
        P.S. How did the bow drawing play out? Any pretty six plus point picture?

        P.P.S. Anyone know how to invite Boe's political ravings over to this board in order to get the book recommendations?

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