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  • hummingbirdair hummingbirdair Dec 21, 2004 9:07 PM Flag

    Commodity index funds?

    thanks for the links Roberst, I tend to look in on the PIMCO site infrequently....,

    Intersting that they have a real estate fund there backed by inflation protected securities....need to look more at that one,,,
    On the commodities front, apart from the funds I previously mentioned, I prefer do try and stock pick my way into them....

    holdings are:
    KMP..<holding 2 years, added 6 montsh ago>
    AU...<2 years> added a little lately
    FCX <3 years..added a little month ago>
    SSL <5 months>
    PTR <15 months>
    RIO <bought cople of weeks ago>

    FXEN < a speculative buy,about 9 months ago> still holding, hoping that the star in the east becomes visible by Christmas :-)

    and an Odd one MTLM, been in and out of it nicely for 2 years.If I add funds and stocks together, at th moment its only about 5% of total, with an average dividend of 3.5%...on the basis of getting paid to wait..been looking more at BHP lately, but haven't decided to jump yet.I think the Ozzie dollar will stay strong and the I'm hopng for a little pull back, while the dollar dances up...apprecaite any views you have on it.
    maybe I should be looking at upping this part of portfolio.

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