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  • guilrl guilrl Dec 17, 2009 1:05 AM Flag

    AOL is a Sham! BEWARE!

    Some of us who had AOL stock at one time before it went belly up will not forget the thrivery that Steve Case and TWX played on us stockholders. Anyone considering buying this stock best keep away from buying this stock.

    I lost a lot of money to thieves liks Steve Case, and the mismanagement of TWX, another set of thieves who stole it also.

    KEEP AWAY is all I warn. Look at history, and beware of the wall street thieves.

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    • AOL Shareholders from way back should be happy TWX bought AOL. At least you got some value from the overpriced stock.

      TWX shareholders are the ones who got screwed.

      But then, you're not looking at what happened rationally, but emotionally. Which is why you made a poor investment in the first place.

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      • CNBC has a program airing tonight...but what i remember from my elderly braincells is that AOL bought Time-Warner. Seemed fantastic at the time and the Time-Warner management could not swallow it and maneuvered Case out and basically banished the AOL portion.

        I believe (as Case did) that the potential for amazing things was out there but pretty much screwed up by Time-Warner.

        Let's watch the New AOL and see.


        Oh Yeah Been with AOL since'96

    • Thieves????? It's your own fault for being greedy. If you opened your eyes and looked around it was very easy to spot the negative image the company had acquired from not innovating and keeping their laggy internet service, while other providers crushed them into nothing. Best way to stock pick, open up your eyes and look around. I switched providers because aol sucked, everyone else I knew switched b/c aol sucked. What moran would own a stock like that. Oh yea, Rule #2 dont listen to ceo's that habitually blow smoke up investors asses as many of them do. There salesman they will tell investors what they want to hear 95% of the time. Dont blame wall streat, blame your own greedy bury your head in the sand intuition

    • I bought this stock in 2004. Thanks to recent posts Ii have found out that it apparently is using other companies patents without paying for them. This company has and apparently is still mis-run.

    • It is all about growth. AOL is not growing. But, AOL is cheap on p/e basis.

      Will Yhaoo, Google, MSFT,..... buy them? That is the question.

    • thrivery?

      Well anyway, good news is Steve Case and Time Warner have nothing to do with the new AOL Inc. Tim Armstrong is Chairman and CEO and has an entirely new board and management team.