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  • longislandblows longislandblows Mar 26, 2012 11:17 PM Flag

    AOL is and was always a poorly run company.

    Even during it's heyday in the late 90s, AOL was always a poorly run company, even under Steve Case. For one thing, their Terms of Service rules (or TOS) was really idiotic.

    Like for instance their chatrooms were always monitored by a nosy ignorant volunteer looking for TOS "violations" such as inappropriate language or any comment not considered politically correct. Anytime a chatroom volunteer sees anything that could be interpreted as a violation, the volunteer cuts and pastes a statement from the TOS informing the "violator" not to use certain language when chatting with others.

    One time I got TOS'ed for getting into an online fight with another AOL subscriber on AOL's New York Times' message board who misinterpreted my comments on racial bias and I called up AOL to get the TOS taken out of my file. Instead I got some ignoramus who did nothing but kept reading prepared scripts on what he's supposed to say when attempting to answer my concerns instead of handling my case on an individual basis. Then things got heated between me and the ignoramus and he hung up on me. I had to get a supervisor to clear the air.

    I also got TOS'ed on another news board for posting that Houston mother Andrea Yates, who suffered postpartum depression and drowned all five of her babies, should be hung. I got into an argument with an AOL simpleton on the phone that went nowhere.

    Finally, I learned the hard way that their chatrooms was populated by losers. Instead of meeting interesting people, there were stupid macho men always trying to show off and impress women by putting other men down and bisexual women who were either married or involved in a relationship looking for other women to join them. Of the few single women in AOL chatrooms looking for a guy, most were either shallow or they were women that I did not want to meet up with for a variety of reasons I will not discuss here.

    So I say good riddance that AOL is hitting the skids. I hope it goes out of business soon.