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  • anidene1961 anidene1961 Apr 9, 2012 9:28 AM Flag

    Next Kodak patents sale would be interesting

    AOL to Microsoft patents sale is fixing an updated valuation to patents value.

    If we compare previous Nortel patents sale to this one we see how patents assets are growing in value.

    Anyway, it is simply supply/demand rule that will drive price higher; in fact, supply of patents will not grow faster than demand.
    Despite, I would say that patents are limited while interested buyers are increasing.
    In addition, buyers know that when a patent is sold, it is sold!
    You will not get another one!

    6,000 Nortel patents were sold for $4.5 Billion.
    If we apply the average/patent to 800 AOL patents sale we would have a total value of $600 million.
    Instead AOL received $450 million more.

    This is the best indication patents are growing in value!!

    Google acquisition of 12,500 issued patents and 7,500 patent applications + whole MM company for $12,5 Billion appers to be at BIG DISCOUNT if compared to today AOL patents sale.

    Kodak has an ongoing process to auction 1,100 patents within june 30th deadline.

    All big players would be interested to buy the rich patent portfolio of Kodak.

    Today sale of AOL patents means Kodak patents would be sold at $1,45 Billion.

    I think Kodak is a great speculative play at this cheap price (under BK)

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    • Hey there Anidene. Stumbled here after doing a Yahoo Finance Site-wide search for Kodak. Great to see someone speaking about the promise of Kodak's 'FUTURE' patent sale(s). Amazingly there are plenty of idiots out there under the impression that Kodak Already sold their patents...sheesh!