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  • ScottGOGO ScottGOGO Apr 9, 2012 1:13 PM Flag

    Smartest thing I've heard said...

    "I can’t help but look back at the AOL circa 1996 and the sharp demise thereafter when content on AOL was made free and publicly available. Can AOL really make a “comeback” by licensing it’s own technologies from other companies? I don’t hesitate to say I’m impressed AOL has lasted long beyond 14.4 kbps dial-up – but I fear that for AOL, this really may be the beginning of the end."

    This patent sale is the last gasp for AOL. Mark my words on this one... Once the short-sellers are washed out, the "NEW" shorts will make out big-time over the next few months. I have made some very nice shorts recently and this will be my biggest.