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  • gloria_allreds_left_nipple gloria_allreds_left_nipple Aug 14, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Recently Unjustly Fired by Timmy ? - - Contact my office

    Emotional trama can be highly compensated.

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    • Being fired is plainly an emotional trauma. But paying $150 million to employees to gross less than $50 million is also an emotional trauma for those owners of the company. Should, after many years of placing such funds into an enterprise, the owners be required to put more money in. Do the owners have an obligation to pay employees until they decide to leave.

      If your office did not gross enough to pay your employees, would you continue to employ them? Do you believe the "emotional trauma" of laying them off is sufficient to pay them forever.

      There are certainly times when you need to keep employees on, even if it means taking some money out of your pocket. But if an employee came to you, and told you that he/she had been offered a 30% increase in salary from another firm, would you say that you were going to suffer "emotional trauma" and their "unjustified" termination of their employment was going to result in a law suit against this (former) employee?