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  • gram1946 gram1946 Jun 7, 1999 5:09 PM Flag

    Only 38 messages???

    Why so little conversation when average volume is over 384,000 per day? I just bought in today during the halt and hope I didn't make a big mistake!


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    • the result of Franklin Templeton-Mutual
      dropping more shares. They were I believe
      the biggest
      holder (and earlier in the year when
      the big blocks
      traded and pushed the price so low) I
      believe they
      were likely responsible for those also.

      results have been poor and people are
      shares, and they are having to reduce/liquidate
      positions. Although I expected them to be out already.
      am not too concerned, in fact the last time
      happened, it was a time to buy.

      Things have become
      more clear now, and while the price
      is higher than
      the last time big blocks traded. I think
      we are
      closer to recovery than we are a worse downturn.
      just know more about the likely outcome.

    • Your logic is compelling, but I'm concerned about
      someone dropping tons of shares on the market at the end
      of trading on a Friday. Either we have a fund
      manager trying to dress up his portfolio before EOQ, or
      we can expect some really bad news early next

    • Seems like VTR is the buy if what Kuntz says is
      correct that the current shareholders will have little if
      any value if the company(VC) is able to restructure
      its capital structure.That statement would imply that
      the Banks,Bondholders,and VTR would trade debt and
      rental reductions for equity.

      While that is not
      good news for the current VC shareholders,it could be
      good for VTR for the following reasons:

      1.Assuming that debt is reduced by $500,000,000,that would
      reduce interest expense by $45,000,000 (9%)and increase
      cash flow by same amount annually.

      VTR reduces rents by up to 15% as one analyst
      indicated,that would be $34,000,000.That increases VC cash flow
      by $79,000,000 annually including interest and
      reduces expense by same amount.For 1999,that should
      enable VC to have a profit of $47,000,000.(79,000,000
      less 32,000,000 projected 99 loss based on 1st
      quarter)This is why the Banks,Bondholders and VTR would trade
      for equity because they are much better off than if
      VC liquidated.

      3.VTR should still be able to
      pay at least $.90/share dividend with the rental
      reduction.Hopefully,VTR would also receive larger rent increases in
      future years so dividends should increase.In
      addition,with VC now being a better credit risk,VTR should
      trade with a lower yield which would increase VTR share

      So while a capital restructure by VC could be bad
      for the current VC shareholders,it could be good for
      VTR shareholders.

    • Annie,you asked who or why buy these companies.
      It is because there is value still in the LTC
      industry. A reasonable profit can be made. Howeever,before
      that happens,some major overhauling is needed. Somehow
      these companies must get rid of the money losing
      facilities and focus on the profitable ones. Is bankruptcy
      the only way to accomplish that? I don't know.

    • To find out what banks lend VC and VTR money, go
      to the latest Edgar filings. Any bank agreements or
      amendments will be attached as exhibits, which would include
      the signature pages, which will tell you who the
      banks are, but not how much each is holding. Good luck.

    • Does anyone know whether the payment due from vc to vtr was made today as per schedule?

    • Does anyone know where to find out which banks VC owes the one billion dollars to. And how about VTR? Who is lending them the money?

    • job at Belmont did anyone check out Vision and Versa it made all of us stock holders proud to hold Vencor stock

    • I have seen nothing about VTR moving to OTC. The OTC RESUMPYION message was obviously an error.


    • Just because VC was delisted on the NYSE, why does that delist VTR???

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