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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Apr 23, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Here's my Apple call tonight. I am long.

    I have a nice average as of now and am happy BUT I think Itunes is going to be spun off tonight and the new ticker symbol is going to be TUNE.

    NFLX is going to dive $30

    The Apple Content Network will have begun. Whether they buy HBO or NBC for that matter, control the content and control the devices that manage that content. That is the Apple play here. In years to come Apple TV will not be synonymous with a device it will be synonymous with a network.

    My money is where my mouth is. It will be fun to watch.

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    • LMAO. Hurry, wes, place that sell order and you can get out flat! (Wes probably will tell us he sold for a profit after hours. Yeah, sure he did.)

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      • I LMAO for sure with that one. Got to celebrate for 10 minutes hehe. I sold half at $418 on the way down. I thought it was going $20 negative after that conference call...
        I already started buying back in pre market.

        Apple will be a great trading stock for months now, no fear of a big drops and no possibility of big pops but $10 to $20 will be the norm, so you can probably take $100 from apple over the next few months if it is traded right. I got $24 so far.

        I bought half of what I sold yesterday back already.

    • Apple...spin off something? Why? Certainly not to improve the share price...they could care less about that...Tim Cook and co. are idealists and not concerned with you as a shareholder. You are going to be holding the bag on your "nice average" fairly soon as I don't see this drop stopping til low 300's my friend.

      And getting into the media with broadcast networks? That would make me want to sell them even more...

    • Wes--Hope you're right. I'm underwater on some shares I"m still holding, but with all the negativity over the past few months, it is hard to imagine they will disappoint. APA seems to have hit bottom and may continue higher for no particular reason--like CAT. I wouldn't be short going into tomorrow, as any AAPL surprise could make the entire market move higher in celebration.

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      • I bought at $386.16 and $402, that's not a bad average to me. I actually hope Apple drops $50 because I only have a 20% position! I would love to add more on some pessimism.

        Hehehe I am still short a few thousand APA. It has been a gravy trade the whole way and in fact if I were to get lucky at $74 I would start shorting again....I do not think I wll get to do that for the third time but APA short seems to never disappoint.

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