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  • doc8120 doc8120 Jun 4, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

    Cover Shorts for Now

    Full Disclosure, I covered all remaining shorts from $84.95 level at $83.60 today. Feel like with most market metrics near fully oversold on short-term, that we will be popping up any day now. Now I am going long APA and will add on any weakness tomorrow or into jobs on friday. Now all you perma-bulls can leave me alone

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    • sure you go the low for the day then posted 1 1/2 hours later ...

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      • i actually have another job, and i do this (trading) in between seeing patients...yes, seeing patients because in medicine you can't make $ anymore. Be thanking Odumbo for that one. So, i don't have time to post exactly when i do something. I use my iphone alot for watching price and don't sit in front of a screen all day apparently like you. Besides, you're not paying for my actionable advice so whaddo I care?

    • doc--Looks like a good decision. Looks like it does not plan on going down anytime soon, and any pullbacks are being met with buying. I made a nice profit on HD, but am stuck in VFC. I don't expect it to fall apart, but don't really expect it to surge through recent highs either. Bad decision to enter that trade. Should have gone with my long idea, which is to buy RGR under $50. Watching for another opportunity.

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      • Good to hear from someone intelligent on this board for once. i appreciate the feedback as it is constructive and always good to bounce ideas around. I would have like for APA to break lower below 200 day but at this point the time-factor creeps into play and I don't want to be on the wrong side fighting up trending market which is what i thing is about to happen. I might could have held on to my shorts for tomorrow or thursday but that is trying to thread the needle at this point. Why? Just go with a higher percentage trade which is up. APA will go higher when the market on it!

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