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  • Nine_To_Five_Sucks Nine_To_Five_Sucks May 7, 1999 7:36 AM Flag

    Here we go!!

    EVOL has beat, no, make that BLOWN AWAY earnings
    for two quarters in a row. Just cleared up a class
    action lawsuit. Have marketing agreements with Ericsson
    and Hewlett Packard. Do business with Lucent.

    All this is very recent (look up news). This one is
    truly undiscovered (but picking up). Volume is up this
    week and stock is starting to move. I doubt if you'll
    be able to touch this one next week under 8.

    Do your DD, do it quick, it is definately worthwile.

    CBS Marketwatch had an article with EVOL a day ago.
    In it, it spoke of EVOL to $10 in 1-2 weeks (also
    spoke of their new deals and earnings surprizes). This
    one is going to run. Just check it out.

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    • under 5. Saw 20s few weeks ago.&DRMD duramed comp launching Celestin drug 6/1. Supposed to be big stuff. DRMD has been on steady incline past week.

    • I don't know anything about this lawsuit, but it
      may be covered by insurance or their may be other
      defendants. If it is by a former partner, they may want back
      in. Bottom line is that it probably wont affect the
      bottom line for years if at all. Results next week and
      the short term direction of the internet sector will
      drive the stock price. Probably no earnings; subscriber
      growth key. Seasonality is becoming negative and I
      suspect that the internet bubble is going to slacken
      rather than burst. Since dbcc already has burst, it may
      recover as money flees the ridiculously valued ebays,
      cmgis etc.

    • post. The lawsuit is not a surprise and there is
      no need for alarm.

      DBC made a good decision
      to stay with the internet and not FM. I am sure the
      former business partners see all of the cash and BDC's
      balance sheet and would like to recover some of their

      I suspect that because a lawsuit is not
      pending means they may be trying to settle out of court.
      As you say litigation can take a long tme.

      Furthermore, I don't know the details of the case but if DBC
      does lose, I can't envision damages being awarded as
      being too great. What would be opportunity cost
      associated with FM? Everyone would have lost their shirt.

      Again, DBC is prospering and former partners see this as
      an opportunity to recover some of their losses.
      Would you sue some one who is broke? My opinion.

    • I would be more concerned about the earnings.

      The whisper is zero.


    • I really hope investors were not unaware of this.
      I also hope there isn't a dash to the

      A little DD would have uncovered the
      1) Rumors of a European lawsuit have circulated for
      some time. I believe the filing was to have been in
      2) The SEC requires disclosure of pending
      litigation. If litigation is not
      3) No company will comment or speculate on rumored
      litigation. Until being served, how can anyone comment? On
      what does one comment?
      4) DBC has historically
      accumulated cash. They have funded acquisitions with cash not
      debt. A huge line of credit exists, but is untouched.
      5) DBC heads have moved their direct holdings of the
      company into trusts...liability protection...a prudent
      action for anyone of wealth.

      I think we can
      safely say that DBC has not been hiding a lawsuit. They
      cannot hide anything pending. Without being serve, it
      would be plain stupidity to say anything. Is this fair
      to investors? Is it fair to investors to comment on
      something of which the details are unknown?

      would be the impact of the lawsuit? They must pay up
      now, right? Any litigation will take years to come to
      closure...ask Microsoft. What would be the impact on earnings
      in say 2, 3, or 4 years, when settled?

      say there is a lawsuit and it concerns the FM
      agreements in Europe. Is a cash settlement likely or an
      alternative to FM...say for free? Maybe there should be a DBC
      Europe! Oops, there

      are common in business, just as with doctors. They
      are filed all the time. People play them out as they
      play out. Don't fret.


    • Another company I know has issues with the
      justice department. MSFT have issues with these guys and
      they continue to grow why can't DBCC. Good press or
      bad press is press.... CORRECT .... Hopefully they
      can get in the news and people will check out how
      good this company's.

    • Guys I've looked into Peck's story and confirmed
      with the US Dept. of Justice that DBC has been served.
      Details for those of you that question

      File number: 190-17-98-598 (Lawsuit)

      of the office of Judicial affairs: (202)

      I think Peck was correct. Why DBC is hiding this is
      another story. My sources tell me that DBC has a huge
      liability overseas and management is trying very hard to
      cover it up. They do this for obvious reasons. I'd also
      like to know what's going on. Your input


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    • It appears that the quarterly earning report will be out on May 17 and that the consensus estimate is that the company will break even.

    • "lawsuit" is meaningless. Millions of lawyers are
      busy everyday getting their piece. So what? Remember
      the big class action lawsuit against AOL? Can you
      imagine someone shorting AOL at that time? If a stock is
      down on such nonsense: Buy. There is nothing out there
      that should worry DBCC investors in that regard. If
      someone disagrees, then make a case! Do not just throw
      out the L word.

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