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  • dagger452003 dagger452003 Nov 15, 2011 1:21 PM Flag

    Biggest POS Ever..

    hanney ..yes you are A POS !

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    • Stuart - tax loss, insiders, hedge... DON'T care WHO, but someone is using a sledge hammer to get the shares they want... I'm happy to joint them,
      thanks for the heads up !
      Steve in Chi,
      I am long, also bought some OTM options today

      • 1 Reply to edleighicpt
      • make money when you buy. Period. at $5.90 a share its a steal, they have growing cash flow, 4boe (1.5 liquid, 2.5 gas) of proved per share and 11boe per share of proved +3p reserves. (3 liquid, 8 gas)

        Easy math here. $14 per liquid proved, $5 gas boe per boe= $33.50

        + 4/per liqiud boe 3p= 6 = $1.5 / gas boe 3p= 8.25 = 14.25

        33.50 + 14.25 = 47.75 gross nav - debt $14 per share = $33.75 NET ASSET VALUE apply even more conservation discount of 30% = $23.63 now that is a POS. LOL! Buy at 5.90, 4% yield, growing liquid production, lots of liquidity about 400million, no EFS proves booked in 2010,

        This is an easy double in a year.