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  • shavitmi shavitmi Sep 6, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    this message board is so dry, could be the reason

    for that is 90% of float is held by institutions investors?
    i really think this stock is dam cheap that could triple but no one here can give me another way of seeing it.

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    • What does an institutional stock mean? Well it means that you might step in to place an order to buy and see 1 million shares to sell. So you panic and pull your order. So does everybody else. Then the stock flounders and eventually is crushed by the institution selling. Coarse it is just the opposite on good days.

      Problem is that bad days cost you before you can react. So this is NOT a trader stock, but an investment or you have to time perfectly. So that is why it remains so undervalued. Individuals want to see the run before they buy, and you need more institutions to step in to buy out the other institution that are stuck holding. That hasn't happened yet.

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