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  • sjhon586 sjhon586 Nov 19, 2013 11:46 PM Flag

    Ubiquity is a fake

    This is a fake company that produces nothing and stays in business from the money of investors. It recently bought a shell company to get on the stock market and is now trying to rip off people like Snoop Dogg and WillIAm. It is a luxurios large building with a parking lot filled with family member's cars who never take the Irvine BMW dealership plates off. They do not have any real products. They have never once launched a real technology product. Ask them to give you a live demonstrations of SME SPROCKET WEAV or their logo detection. They will just show you videos that they have compiled from the company 3M where they demonstrate the future of touch glass. They are fraudsters. Be careful. They raise capital to fund their luxurious lifestyle.

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    • this isnt public company

      they have all the free trading stock

      u are exactly right

      thats why they forward split it huge

      they think they have a short because they can account for ALL the free float..

      the split magnifies the short
      there is no company

      its a total pos

    • Part 2 -
      Their arsenal of products are being launched through major corporations which have distribution that can use the technology and be protected and supported by Ubiquity's patent portfolios . This string of jealous lies is ridiculous. As to taking investors money I noticed that Mr. Carmichael has personally loaned the company millions and is owed over 1,250,000 in salary and puts up a average of 800k a month in credit for Ubiquity. As evidence by the Q  and 8K filings by the government. What I have noticed as an investor is this company has more promise from its assets and capital that has been put into the company to generate revenues. Anyone that reads the erroneous accusations against Ubiquity needs to read the Q and 8k filings put out by the government. This is typical from most fraudsters to hide behind a vail online and deflect the heat but don't ever say their real name online. They can hide behind their fake emails and names but everything is public about Ubiquity you just have to look.

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      • You have launched absolutely nothing. Logo and license plate detection. The police have this technology already. Just this superbowl they were scanning hundreds of car license plates within minutes. I've been following your company. This is a pump and dump scheme. Your product GiftSender looks amazing it was working great in December and then it shut down. Company's like you pray on startup technologies to make a big buzz and then once acquire you just shelve the stuff.

    • Part 1 -
      Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation is not a fake company. You need to read your fully reported Q and K reports which are posted on the internet and are public documents via SEC which covers revenue, assets, and capital.  Obviously if this is a fake company its gonna be really hard to fake millions in assets to the government. Ubiquity is a public company fully reporting and is audited every quarter by the government. They also have to go through the SCC's financial arm FINRA every quarter. When you are a public company you are required to adhere to strict regulations that include government audits. The main companies products are patents. These patents are the crown jewel of the company. In this day of age of technology patents play a crucial role in protecting the products that you make. The patents are the real product. They have had 4 PHD's that have worked on object and logo detection over the year. What I can see Ubiquity's goals are they launch their technologies through businesses by licensing their patents and these businesses who buy the licensing pay for the actual build out of the actual product. As far as I know Cisco has confirmed that the object and logo detection is ready and has been tested from Cisco's own press release. Obviously the person that wrote this is  completely misinformed without any facts. Also, because of movies, commercials, and TV shows being shot at the Ubiquity Studios their are famous people coming in and out of their office all the time. SME is a completely separate corporation and has a website that is active today. Ubiquity Studios which has the latest and greatest technology 4 k and 3d theatre and the latest 4k cameras and projection systems. Ubiquity doesn't need to take cheap videos off the net when they produce major commercials, TV shows, and movies.

    • I agree, the fact that this has a 700mm market cap is ridiculous

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