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  • stealthtrader1968 stealthtrader1968 May 13, 2004 3:22 PM Flag

    Bag holders

    I think this board is full of bag holders. I am getting killed with hqnt and spsc (I learned about both on this board). The only one that I was lucky to get out of without a loss is mrkl at 1.69. Now all these dollar stocks are crashing and nobody (all the web sights that were pumping them)is supporting them. I was always told never to touch a stock under $5, but I got greedy and now I am paying the price-big time.

    I'm going to hold spsc and hqnt and hope that some pumpers push them up again, at least enough to recover some of my losses. Good luck all.....we need it.

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    • i try to remember the old saying that "money flows from the impatient to the patient", but sometimes it's better to bail, take a loss, and move on. like the mental attitude athletes need to develop to be successful. if a pitcher gives up a homerun, he has to forget about it and remember the habits of the next batter, and a basketball player has to play D after an airball,and take the next open shot. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!

    • Tell you the truth I dont really either, I got that of a guy of mine from another board. He is usually pretty good. It dose make sense thought you by a penny stock get scared and dump it the bad guys start making the money and you lose it. But like you said keep it long enough through the pumps and know when to dump then your golden. Just hard to wait sometimes, I have almost sold the damn thing like 10 times and now I am going to hold it as long as it takes or let it just get hammered more

    • it makes sense to me too without being suspicious, but think we may have different philosophies on investing. i just don't believe in the concept of an LT penny stock. to me, that's an oxymoron, each to his own.

    • how about the one(s) in the "investment business" that's always asking "is this a good entry point", "could you please chart this", "can I get some T/A on...." lmao.

    • its true I did (its fair to be suspicious of everyone at this point), but I just picked this up from a guy on a board who I am 100% sure knows what he is doing, he only deals in big boy stocks...I think it makes perfect sense. That would explain all of num1's having people pick up stocks worth .009....rediculous.

      have u ever seen or been to a boiler room penny stocks operation? 250 phone solicitors , each with a quota of 1000 phone calls a week. That's 250,000 calls. Let say only 2 % of them got a buy. That's 5000 buy orders or let say, 10,000 shars each. 5 million shares change hands. My suggestion: if u are not into LT hold of penny stocks, stay the hell away.

    • did you see he said the "legit" ones?

    • win some, lose some. agree with you re: security stocks 100%. some will rise again, and could make you some money, and more will rise again and make your money someone elses. kept mrkl( i mean annb) as a reminder of what i won't do again. unless you can daytrade EVERY day, do some homework and put your money where you don't have to worry about it everyday or a shark will manage your portfolio for you. don't be the chum(p).

    • These smaller type boards are perfect for that crap. And its funny how its all quiet about the same time, except for a few here and there.

    • Not only don't I think the security field has reached it's peak---I think it's just getting started.

    • WOW. Vegas nice. Lucky you. I have been think about a vaca alot lately. So it will probably happen soon. Not sure where yet.

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