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  • meebymeeby meebymeeby Aug 27, 2004 4:46 PM Flag

    i'm just curious

    have any of you that are still holding mrkl ever read any of the background info? the nov 19, 2003

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    • let me rephrase that. that IS why i don't have a large position in it

    • guess i wouldn't care what color the money was if i had a large position in it at this time either. lol.

    • Well, I guess that is where differ. I agree. I can see that the volume in trading today in Mrkl was up and I think many people look at it as a stock where you can make money. Oh well, I guess we will soon see.

    • my analysis has been over for a long time. guess that's where we differ. i don't do multi-level marketing scams either.

    • The fact is that the market runs on a lot of rumors, nonsense and bandwagon. I am all about making money. I truly see MRKL as a change to make a lot. If a person is willing to put a few bobs in it like davidiam and many others on the raging bull board have said they did, then Mrkl will only have to go a little for them to cash out with a tidy profit.

      That's the game. I can't analyse it to death---I just want to make some money with it and I think the climate is getting better fro it to have a run up.

    • ava, think you're taking it a tad far. i think just about everybody knows who is actually paying for eoir, now/eventually, and even their products(should they have one of their own), imho, has about as much long(?)term potential as ugho's flashlight that squirts vs. tasr. imho, mrkl has about as much chance competing against the "real" defense contractors as the bad news bears vs. the nyyankees, and evolved from office furniture to wireless phone to DEFENSE right after(?) to jump on the homeland defense wagon. can you think of any other logical reason to explain the transition? you may like it as trade and use the political environment to tout it, but my opinion of what they were, became, are, and always will be prevents me from doing so. also, maybe you should tell the dude on rb that asked about a shareholders meeting that it wouldn't matter, the brat pack gave themselves complete control , think it was last spring?)

    • The reason I am optimistic is that MRKL is the utmost gamble. It is really quite hard to find a company that has some REAL or actual business--thanks to the EOIR acquistion on the BB.

      I also think the GOP convention is helpful because I saw an enthusiasm last night that was kind of contagious. I haven't seen that in a long time. You know, we have heard how America is upset with Bush about Iraq, the economy, his abortion stance, his gay stance , etc etc. But last night, I believe the GOP showed that this is ONE country and Bush is actually so much more likeable and believeable than Kerry, that I believe Bush will win.

      The market likes to know where it's going and Bush is strong on Homeland D---this bodes well for MRKL and IOTN.

      As for MRKL, tell me, what can you buy today for .49---the answer is a share of MRKL---you would be smart to do it.

      On Raging Bull, a board that no-one pays attention to me on, I said before the opening
      of the market that MRKL will end the week at least 15% up and I still believe it

    • I've been thinking it is about time, and others used to be saying any day now, but nothing. Why are you saying, or thinking, now's about time?

      If you want I'll hope with you and maybe we can make something happen.

    • Well, Mrkl looks like it got a little breathe left and Ezy_pa is cruising. IOTN , at this moment is up so all in all , a good day---so far.

      I think the GOP convention last night was terrific. Rudy's speech ws one of the best speeches I have ever heard---McCain wasn't too bad either.

      It is time that MRKL goes up---.01 cent yeaterday, .02 today---who knows what's to come LOL

    • (sorry)quarterly gives some interesting Business History. office furniture, wireless, yaddy, then, bing badda bing... homeland defense! that's just the cliffnotes, and not detailed, obviously, but any longs have any ideas why such a change in 2001-02?