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  • dawybone dawybone Sep 3, 2004 8:24 AM Flag

    meebymeeby GO AWAY LOSEReom


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    • i guess that "a" does have some significance when it comes to you.... "a"liases, "a"sswipe, and "a"lways getting busted for being a con "a"rtist. LMAOROF!!!! think you probably forgot the "g" for your new alias. guess that's still in "g"o away. you're used to being told that. do the hustle!

    • numnuts63/blastoff004/ "ect,ect,ect", go get humiliated on some other boards. any left? LMAOROF the cut little "a" is your signature tradeamrk, cretin. thought you would have fixed that by now. LMAOROF. mrkl, artx, "ect,ect" to da moon. got any other bags you're need to dump.i think every board in town knows your games and your names. LMAOROF. beside that, how are you? cousin "harry" has been here. life still good for our favorite half-italian, half-jordanian, living "overseas" but swears to be american. LMAOROF. lol:(later obnoxious loser)

    • I agree he can be a little harsh, but sometimes its pretty damn funny. And please give me some examples of some of his picks, because I have read a good number of his posts and I don't recall him making any picks, just tearing apart, people that do come around pumping. <br>I am not sticking up for him by any means but I usually like people to have thier facts straight when they are attempting to take someone down. And not that its just some personal vandete you have with him and I get to sit here and read your posts about f him and a bunch of other bullsh!t no one wants too read.<br><br>Besides what makes you any more creditable then him?<br><br>Some guy comes out of no where and starts typing in CAPS and swearing, so obviously you must be right and everyone should listen. Oh and you should always take someone seriously that use the word dude so diligently, because he has clearly mastered the english language.<br><br>Bottom line DUDE get a little something more then your personal spite and someone might actually take you seriously.

      • 1 Reply to rambler0157
      • rambler, think we have the same general frame of mind of "back it up or pack it up". come on now, i've seen you have a little fun here, too! rarely do i daytrade anymore.only involved with mrkl in the good ol defense days earlier in the year when you could make bucks on frenzies without being concerned about a solid company foundation. was one of the luckier ones that rode a couple waves, and started to see some dorsal fins. decided better safe than sorry, and after more dd, could see no reason to "buy" the company concept, since i couldn't and still don't see them doing anything besides taking damn good care of themselves and associates. believe it or not, but only stuck around because i was thoroughly disgusted by the traveling snake-oil caravan that was passing thru. i didn't get any fan mail, but hopefully forced people to look a little further than a motive board and phony astronauts. have a good one.