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  • avamara02 avamara02 Sep 13, 2004 6:58 PM Flag

    MRKL Finanacials are OUT

    Now we can have some comments.

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    • Recent Acquisition of EOIR Technologies Inc. by Markland Technologies, Inc. Contributes to Record Monthly Revenue of $6,250,000

      See this link for full details:

    • I was not expecting EOIR financials out so soon. I know they were much anticipated. I don't sit through these reporting sessions. But iam in for 20K/sh. From what i can tell so far the EOIR aquisistion will only help MRKL in the long run. Alot in the report sounds great, and some sounds so so, and some i know don't make of. On the Raging Bull Board alot of uncertainty about the report, is being thrown around as well.
      My main concern is how the markets will react to it, in the first hour of trading.
      I won't hesitate to cut it loose, if it begins to slide.

      Current Holdings: Mon. Close
      ARTX 10K/sh @ 1.22 1.70
      DGIT 3K/sh @ 1.30 1.35
      CKSW 5K/sh @ 1.298 1.62
      MRKL 20K/sh @ .4775 .47.

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      • I feel that Greed is the motivator here and all things equal, MRKL may NOT be a bad investment if you are after that goal.

        Afterall, it is hard to find a BB stock that is .47 and has obtained a REAL company with real potential.

        My mistake with MRKL was to buy too early. This usually doesn't happen to me too often but I was riding high with ezy_pa and IOtn among others---I know that is no excuse.

        Actually, I see some positive signs in Mrkl and I hope the volume picks up as well as some greedy investors---MRKL should take a page from IOTN's playbook. LOL

    • would it be more appropriate to say the eoir financials are out? appears to me, if mrkl basically paid $19mil, it will be key for them to at least double net income from about 3mil to 6-8 in 2-3 years, it could be considered a decent long term acquisition. everything else "ok"...square deal, square meal. IMO, this isn't going to excite daytraders and quick gainers much unless BIG contract news. waiting for mrkl's reporting. any time frame? is this fair..your comments, now?

    • after reading it and considering your previous post, i defer. i'll interpret your passing the gavel to mean you weren't impressed with it either. where are all the happy, shiny people?