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  • meebymeeby meebymeeby Sep 15, 2004 8:18 PM Flag

    MRKL Finanacials are OUT

    a little confused by "greed is the motivator here" comment. are you referring to the daytraders that will shred this with any 5-15 cent move, and/or the shadow of the brat pack lurking to make the extravagant salaries they're accustomed to? i respect your honesty and clarity on the long-term stability this acq COULD have versus short "rocket fuel" that it isn't. i think mrkl COULD have been a good investment had greed from both traders and management not been so apparent. imo, mrkl's NEXT report should have a greater impact in either direction. BOL with ezy and iotn. i bailed on ha after just a little aloha, should have bought more cep.v but the pillow wanted it back.! tortoise vs. the hare, and it's a long race.

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