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  • meebymeeby meebymeeby Sep 23, 2004 9:39 AM Flag

    welcome to the jungle

    it's all fun and games, learn to live like an animal...

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    • Hey guess what. Got into Mrkl, caught some of the run, didn't like the stall, got out before the drop. Think I'm gettin it more and more.
      I do what DD I can but it always comes down to having to make a decision and hope. Alot of your advice goes through my thoughts before I do anything. Thanks for the input, It is alot more enjoyable when it works out.
      Still think Mrkl has some growth in PPS. After this issue(dilution) settles out I'll look again at getting in.
      Did you do anything with MRKL?

      I know you don't think much of UGHO, but don't you think they will still get some TASRlike hype and momentum just because? I think I'll hold mine till after the demo to see if the momo takes it up some more.

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      • Anyone have good understanding of total shares outstanding for MRKL? I believe approx 41M shares outstanding...?

      • meeby you should change your name to "startintogetit." ( btw..did you get out of irsn in the $2.40's??) as for mrkl,no, i am not going to be a hypocrite and say that i benefited from mrkl's run. i don't have an ego addiction to quench. congrats to all that did so gracefully... as i mentioned before, i rarely play the bbs anymore, and only if i really believe in the company. mrkl does not fit that profile for me. nor does ugho. only one i'm very happily positioned in, for trade and investment, is frcp. imvho, it's the "real" deal, not a pump and dump. sure,there will be and have been chunks taken out of it from insiders, financing, and daytraders, and will this continue as it grows,(hello, and , welcome to the bbs, again) but once it gets out of the shorebreak, i see a long smooth sail... startin', hopefully you can find something from ALL the different types of trading styles AND personalities that you've experienced here and elsewhere and create your own style. don't be afraid to adjust as you go; the market certainly won't wait for you. imo, there are very few successful daytraders, and imo, those that are, don't spend the day on every message board where they claim to have a position. make the right call, and the stock will sell itself. you don't seriously think anyone would start hyping a stock unless their butt was already covered do you? re: your decision to hold ugho.... you DO know what a STOP LOSS order is now, right? good to hear from you, and hope your success continues.