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  • hogwash012002 hogwash012002 Dec 14, 2004 1:44 AM Flag

    OT: Meeby, My Apologies, Cont'd

    My Al Bundy effigy stucked me with a pin, saying that it was very remiss of me to have thought that you were putting out the wrong kind of welcome mat (in my very feeble defense, that was why I thought that was a slight possibility that you posted that RB post, but your strength also likes in rooting out potential dangers), and after getting my attention with that pin, he said in that very Al Bundy way, go down to your friendly corner Institue de Beaute (there is one on each corner here like there is a Pub on each corner in England), and load up on the lushest, herbal hair pomade you can find and send it to Alfalfa to calm down that cowlick.