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  • hogwash012002 hogwash012002 Jan 6, 2005 7:24 AM Flag

    Don't, bracket orders

    You had asked recently if a stop loss sell and and a sell limit could be set together. Etrade has just added that function to their advanced trading platform, and it is called an bracketed order which is a great tool to have.

    Ex, I buy at 15, set a trailing stop loss at 14 and sell limit at 18. If I do not get stopped out and the price reaches 18, I get out at that price without having to watch the kettle, sounds perfect for you. Also as the price moves up, the trailing stop automatically moves up a point below the price. Nifty, huh? Etrade has added a bunch of truly great improvements lately, and because of user feedback, so if bracketed orders are not available on the most advanced trading platform that your broker has, request that they add them.

    Years back, etrade was ok, but it has now become darned good for active traders.

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