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  • hogwash012002 hogwash012002 Jan 7, 2005 6:36 PM Flag

    MRKL news, cut and paste

    17:16 ET MRKL.OB announces successful testing of electronic imaging and other detection devices for suicide bombers 0.73 -0.06: Markland Technologies (MRKL) has announced successful test reviews of its suite of next-generation electronic imaging and other detection solutions to spot suicide bombers and other armed terrorists. The announcement was made by Robert Tarini, Chairman and CEO of Markland. The initial development and testing phases of the suicide bomber detection systems have been conducted under contract with the U.S. Army. Markland subsidiary EOIR Technologies has kept the technology on a fast-track development cycle, and upon receipt of subsequent rounds of Department of Defense funding, believes it will be able to quickly deliver live, field-ready systems.

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    • It just keeps getting better:)

      • 1 Reply to ironballs63
      • I have seen that most posters on this board are serious investors, most likely wanting to gain real insight into what to buy and what not to buy.

        I would imagine that the best bet for all is to go to Edgar, where you can all read the filings on Ugho, Iotn, Tasr, Mrkl and all the stocks you want.

        Sharing info after knowing the facts is worthwhile. So again, don't listen to the pumpers and dumpers---do the research yourself. Go to the filings on Mrkl and read for yourself what a financial disaster and crisis that company is in. Read about how the management is taking unbelieveable compensation. read about the new PR firm that is trying to entrap newbies into investing in this turkey.

        If you own shares in MRKL and the stock goes up a little---sell it fast and go on to greener pastures---check Iotn out.