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  • dontgetityet dontgetityet Jan 10, 2005 8:37 AM Flag

    AAPL and others

    certqainly will be watching AAPL today and all week. Hitting new highs so the upper limit is ????. Hate to chase, but this is the talk of the town and the one positive in a sea of negativity about 2005. I cautiously watched Taser rise to new levels in a MOMO market and missed out on alot of potential $.

    Speaking of Taser, that is something to watch as this SEC investigation becomes the topic. Probably little reality pushing the investigation and negative move. I will watch for a reversal soon.

    MRKL has positive news but I can never understand the PPS movement after positive news. It may open strong and then fade back as the sharks that thier profits. Thinking about being one of the sharks this time if it shows strength at the open.

    Been pretty idle since 2005 started. New view of trading doesn't fit well with available time at the screen.

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    • suppose 100 is possible for AAPL. AAPL has has not closed above the 52 weekly high yet. Lots of traders are watching for that trigger. I see support at 67- 67.50, will at least bounce there. Lots of news coming for AAPL as Meeby has posted. Got to keep that in mind too, earnings, and the show.

      SEC investigations, whether they revealed anything in the end or not, have a way of draining energy from a stock.