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  • nicho91 nicho91 Aug 16, 2005 7:27 PM Flag

    tmcv has a board now

    Got something to say re: TMCV. It now has its own message bd. Stock up on a down day.

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    • CMBC has finally caught up

    • Enjoy your comments. We have held and sold several mutuals over many years, equities and bonds as well. You may find DNP of interest. They are into REIT's as well as other income investments, pay dividends MONTHLY. We've held it for many years. Also, SOR has been very astutely managed producing nicely in terms of dividends and price appreciation. (We bought SOR in the low $40's.)

      SDBK.OB, is working well and we're still with TMCV. Also, UBMT (Montana) has been very kind to us.

      It appears that our investment approach may be similar. However, we do not hesitate to move into Index 500 types when good values appear. For example, you might look at BAC these days. Good wishes for a prosperous new year.

    • Thanks. Hope you have a Merry one. Unless Santa drops a pot of money in my lap, or I sell something, I'm just an observer, not a shareholder at this point!

    • I'll chat with you over on the BWFC board after I come back from the Christmas holidays.

      I've been in CMBC for slightly over 2 years. It's my impression that this makes me the newest shareholder here--unless you have picked up shares ;>

    • Why don't you join the BWCF Board. I'm currently the only active participant. Let's chat! Just now discovered CMBC...quite a performer! Chart smokes BWCF and most other stocks. Congrats. if you have been in it for quite some time.

    • TO: bythe creek

      I do not hold any BWC. For longterm investments I have invested in O and KIM. Both are paying good dividends and comtinually raise the dividends. Both are REIT's

      If my information is correct CMBC should be able to stay in a good growth pattern for several more years. I'm sure when they start to slow down they will merge with one of he big banks. At that time you need to look at your income and see if it is to your advantage to sell out or go along with the

      I use small bank stocks to get my growth and then invest in the REIT's.
      Two of the young growing banks are DVBC.OB and SDCO.OB . They are what I would call risk stocks right now but both have big plans. I'm looking down the road maybe two to three years before much action takes place.I've done this with 5 banks over the last 10 years and have been rewarded handsomly with everyone of them. Look at them and see if you are interested in making a good gamble. If you do I suggest you buy a few shares now and ad to it as the banks grow
      I could suggest some others but they have all made their big moves.. CMBC, TMCV.OB, and VNCB are all great little banks but the big stock movement has already been made .

    • jlrhinesmith, I'm strictly a LTB&H(&H,&H,&H...> so I hope CMBC continues to perform well into the distant future--and doesn't get eaten by one of the big-boys, as most of my small banks out east did by what are now called Wachovia (WB) or BAC (Bank of America).

      Are you familiar with BWC Financial Corp. (BWFC)? I have cash to invest right now and am thinking it might be a good idea to invest some in another CA bank rather than just buy more CMBC.

      Our weather is going to be dreadful tomorrow so I'll spend some time looking for some other small, interesting banks in CA (if the power does not go out--we are getting freezing rain on top of snow).

    • by
      the creek
      Tks for the note. Hang in there on that CMBC, still has a ways to go.

    • Hi. It's showing, unlike postings for me about a month ago.

      Maybe others are like me and devoting more time to Christmas preparations? As you note, the last posting before your latest one was Nov. 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving. The 25th, Black Friday, started the Christmas season.

      There was a period of just over 2 months a while ago where there were no postings.

    • Haven't seen a message posted since nov 23rd. Is anybody getting this ? Or is their something wrong.?

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