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  • gable005 gable005 Dec 2, 2011 8:05 PM Flag

    CBRL knock out punch to Biglari !

    CBRL'S team from Goldman Sachs has done its job on Mr. BIglari.Their research on his deals is compelling and accurate it seems. He comes off as selfish and self-serving.

    My guess is that he may get 20% of the vote including his 10%, but he is finished and looks like a big loser. Cracker Barrel has kicked him and he will not recover.

    Mr. Biglari has a brilliant mind, but Goldman has outwitted him. They just keep throwing punches and he is staggering in the ring.

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    • Anger management.

    • Very nice.I am impressed

    • Fastcook, it seems you are a little pathetic and looking for sypathy. Well, I'll give you sympathy. We certainly need the little people to make the world go around.

      For example, I enjoy once or twice a week a nice glass of wine. Or even the bottle. In order to endulge my pleasure, we need people like you to pick the grapes. We need hard working people to help the fermenting process.

      Maybe most importantly, we need someone to help with the bottling. Since you're 36 years in the biz, maybe you have some experience here. Perhaps with bottling, you are an expert in cork soaking.

      Rumors are flying that you love soaking cork. All kinds. Fat corks. Skinny corks. You love them all.

      So here's to you Mr. Cork Soaker. We respect you, and thank you for your hard work.

    • I think people are getting to know Sardar now.He is sure smart but not the right type guy for my investment dollars.

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      • I said he is brilliant because of his math and hypothetical analytical skills.

        Unfortunately, he wants too much for himself and that is the source of his undoing. Goldman Sachs research analysts hired by Cracker Barrel have cleverly woven a fabric and shield of armor template for others to follow when wanting to rid themsleves of Mr. Biglari. They illustrate in great detail how Mr. Biglari has gotten millions of dollars for himself while not giving his shareholders a dime of dividends and , conversely, seems to want to cut them out through a share ownership structure that would give Biglari greater voting power at no expense to himself. Only a dummie or sucker would vote to give him that to him for nothing.

        Seems to be legal as there have been no SEC challenges. But legal is one thing and selfish and self-serving as CBRL points out is another.

        I predict he will get 20% or less of the vote for a board seat including the 10% he already owns. He will be forcefully repudiated.

        Fun to watch Goldman outwit Biglari. Can not wait for his rebuttal.

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