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  • sardarbiglari sardarbiglari Feb 24, 2012 1:13 PM Flag

    I love Parsad

    I know, many of you idiots will make slanderous remarks. I get it. But it is true. I love Parsad. Why you may ask? First, let me say that it was Parsad that led me to Stake N Shake. The investment opportunity of a lifetime. We all know the success of Warren Buffett. However, many of us are too young to have enjoyed the ride from Buffett's journey with Berkshire Hathaway starting in the 1960's to the present. No worries. There is a new opportunity. The opportunity is now. And it is with "Baby Buffett", AKA Sardar Biglari.

    I can't think of a better CEO right now. Let's just say that each investment is a new win for shareholders. Of course, the latest win is Cracker B. Just brilliant. One of these days, Baby B. will get the insurance company that we all know he craves.

    So I thank Parsad for introducing me to Bigs. It helped me turn a little over a million into several millions. Now living large.

    Beyond money, Parsad is an Indian hero. You may not be able to relate, but Indians in the US and where I live in the Couver face a lot of discrimination. When you step back and think about it, there will always be nice people of every race and there will always be idiots of every race. Parsad takes a professional and pragmatic approach, and he unites people toward a common goal.

    So to summarize, I love Parsad. And I live Bigs. Two great role models. Two great businessmen. Two great Indian legends.

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