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  • belco_mc belco_mc Nov 16, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    Sardar's major capital allocation decisions

    have been extremely sound. His purchase of CBRL stock was very good- and made at a time when negativity in CBRL was very high. It was a classic great value investment. So he hasn't made it on the board of CBRL. So what. He's made money on the stock and will continue to do so.

    He's done a fine job as CEO of BH. Don't get distracted by things that don't matter- like the name of the company changed.

    BH stock is beginning to be a deep value play run my a guy who is talented and putting together a strong capital allocation track record.

    Money managers go in and out of favor all the time. There is a lot of upside in BH with little downside.

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    • How's that purchase of WEST and Biglari Capital working out???

    • The problem is, for about 2 years now, BH has done nothing but gone DOWN despite a seemingly good investment in CBRL.

      How many millions did he spend on his losing proxy fights ?

      How much better off would we have been if he had kept his CBRL position at 4.9% and bought other things ?

      What will he do with his CBRL stake now ?

      He has said he will "outlast" the CBRL board. Does that mean BH is "stuck" in CBRL for the next 5-10+ years even if it underperforms ?

      Looks like UNAM is paying a $1 per share dividend soon.

      But all that does is reduce his cost basis by $1.

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