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  • mrbiggs1882 mrbiggs1882 Jan 9, 2014 7:16 PM Flag


    Ive been watching this board for quite some time.. Smaycs is the most intelligent when it comes to BH. Sardar has a lot to learn when it comes to his interpersonal skills but let there be no doubt he will turn BH into a multi billion dollar holding company within the next 5-10 years. In 2008 he started with 1 million cash and in 5 years he has 625 million. Lets take that 625 million and I bet that over the next 10 years you will hear a lot about how people could've became rich investing in BH. Sardar doesn't lose as he doesn't know how to. Denn566K is just upset he was fired from one of BH subsidiaries and he uses this board to take out his aggression. Markets go up and down and can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. Sardar is the closest that anybody comes to Buffett for the young generation. Im all in!!!

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    • He has not made $625 mil as you stated................SNS is in the dumpster, Western Sizzler cooks something more than its food......The personal products biz is a dud......What has he done?.....Borrowed a lot of money and bought stock..............The market was up 30+% last dog made $$$..........Wait til he steps on the big boys toes and get hits with a frying pan in the head......

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      • If you're so confident in Biglari's failure why don't you short the stock??

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      • BH’s investments increased by 47.9% last year. Who is the S&P and what does he do??? Wowowowhahahaha.. Now remember corporate G&A went up 25% to fund the growth of franchises so it would've been more

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      • By the end of fiscal 2013, total investments (cash, stocks, and BH’s investments in The Lion Fund) amounted to $635.4 million, increasing from $378.6 million. Although investments grew substantially, this upswing was aided by the $75.6 million of equity capital raised through the rights offering. Excluding the equity issuance, BH’s investments increased by 47.9% last year.
        Over the last five years, investments have climbed by $628.5 million. The following table displays BH’s development of investments since fiscal 2008:
        Fiscal Year (In Millions)
        2013 2012
        Cash and Cash-Equivalents....... $ 94.6 $ 60.4 Marketable Securities................ 85.5 269.9 The Lion Fund 2 ........................ 455.3 48.3
        Total Investments...................... $ 635.4 $ 378.6
        $ 99.0 115.3 38.5
        $ 252.8
        2010 2009
        $ 47.6 $ 51.4 32.5 3.0 38.6 –
        $ 118.7 $ 54.4
        $ 6.9 –

        $ 6.9

        Samuel Johnson said, “Sir, I have found you an argument; but I am not obliged to find you an understanding.”
        BH is no stock for dummies.

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