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  • narrowvision narrowvision Mar 5, 2000 12:47 PM Flag

    Just a thought!

    I notice that in after market trading bid & ask
    are up ( 39.25 & 41 )however there is a lot of talk
    here today about OBAS possibly running down to its
    previous support base in the low thirties pryor to the
    SPO. "tuesday?"

    I this possibly a
    ploy by the more experienced investors on this board
    to rattle the newbies into freeing up a few shares
    by sparking a selloff in hopes of buying them up
    before the latter realize their folly? The float on this
    stock is so small a fart could spark it. Just a

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    • At an istitutional meeting last week OBAS said that they would not be involved with set top box tecnology.

    • Check my post here #10435. MMTI is a one trick
      stock, but oh what a trick! This activity may attract
      additional interest in the non-volatile memory arena. Who
      will benefit from this market development? ENER has,
      in my opinion, the preferred design and is
      developing it with Intel. NV memory can replace RAM SRAM and
      flash memory, with a projected market of $300 billion
      in three years. You must do your own due dilligence,
      but to get in early you may need to start you
      research now. Long term obas holder. Best of luck to all
      of you.

    • Sybarite_36 11/26/00
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    • If the pricing of the spo is based on
      institutional demand I would say by todays pricing
      there is high demand. If there was not high demand than
      IMO we should be drifting
      lower into USA's support
      range but we are not which leads me to believe that
      must be
      some serious news waiting to be released
      and our move up could be swift. My post in
      to the spo price was $38 range if we close on
      Tuesday in the 40-42 range I say I
      am right on

      Now as far as the 126 I think we will hit that based
      on a sequence of events that is why I
      picked the
      date that I did if there is a continuous release of
      news and events as I believe
      there will be I do not
      think June is out of the question. If not June the
      summer is usually a
      quiet time, so November time
      frame would be a good guess as we start beta
      Gateway and many of the big players and institutions will
      want to be in when it is close to
      becoming a
      reality not when it is a reality. I look at all of the
      other stocks mentioned on
      this board and I still
      believe If I wanted to buy any one of theses stocks I
      personally would
      just keep adding to OBAS as after the
      spo and with what is coming there is no better
      for my money.

      10 things I expect over the next
      3 months

      1-SPO gets priced

      institutional interest

      3-More csco deals like the

      4-Japenese Partner announced (30%-40% RUN?)

      on the progress of gateway

      6-Upgrades and new

      7-New price targets

      8-more deals for obas
      partners and products

      9-VOD becoming the new hot

      10-Possible big investments into obas by?


    • Happy investing.

    • the guys on this board can say anything under the
      sun....will that affect the price...99.9% NO. The pricing of
      the SPO will be 3/8...until then absolutely no one
      here knows crap!! If it were to go to 28, then I would
      buy twice as much as I have plannned to buy...To
      suggest the "more experienced investors" would start a
      campaign to get the price lowered is nothing short of
      ludicrous. If that were so, we would all venture over to the
      Qualcomm board and convince everyone to sell until it hit
      10 dollars, then we could all load you see
      how ridiculous that is.
      Why don't we just let
      the SPO happen and then buy your shares that morning
      and enjoy the ride. If 2 points either way scare you,
      then you need to buy a mutual fund.
      Just a
      thought, TT

    • I have always tried to be a straight shooter,
      opening my mouth when I shouldn't kind of guy. I have
      learned alot from the Bulls and the Bears. When I listen
      I sometimes hear good points from both sides of the
      fence. I have alot to learn, and I need all the
      knowledge I can get from anyone smarter than me. Also I
      would love to hear from others if my way of valuing
      companies stinks and is there a better way. Dollar General
      should not be valued the same way as Cisco or Obas or
      Jdsu etc. Input from others would be more than
      welcome. If Peter Lynch still values companies his old
      ways of 5 yr expected ern growth x next years earning
      = fair value, I think he needs to look at the new
      world that is now forming.


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