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  • wakefb wakefb Jul 19, 2005 9:53 AM Flag



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    • This stock just layed down a hammer today (Japanese Candlestick technicals) so it should start heading up tomorrow.

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      • Agree msevansinca.

        Unless the market seriously tanks, I think UNH will bottom out for this period tomorrow or the next day. A mild uptrend should resume in the next few days and will set the stage for a response to 2Q earnings on the 28th. Full stochastics crossed over today for UNH (but surprisingly not for PHS), but there's still a little work remaining on the MACD. When that indicator confirms, and I think it will, we're back on track.

        That's as in Fearless and Frequently Faulty!

    • The acquisition of PHS is a combo stock and cash deal. UNH may not make any significant move until this deal is completed. Something to do with the spreads and arb trading between the two. Perhaps, someone else here knows what I'm getting at and can explain it better.

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      • Dave the deal has everything to do with the fall of UNH. The smart money saw the writing on the wall. You said it yourself, a stock and cash deal. Now if I was MM and held both and UNH was at an all time high what would I do. Well I would start taking profits in UNH, which would hopefully start to drive the price down. Others see this they take profit and this adds to selling pressure. In the future when I tender my Pacific shares I would stand to gain more cash and the UNH stock I sold weeks before. I therefore maximize my take on the deal. Its simple really. And by the wat this stock is going back to $48. NO doubt about it.
        Then back up the truck because it will sky after that.
        Best regards Vilmuchka

      • Hi Dave,
        I'm not sure what you are asking about the
        merger/aquition. I just know that it's a
        stock/cash deal. 1.1 Shares of UNH plus
        the set amount of cash. What would that have
        to do with where this stock goes?..The amount
        is already established right?.

        I am tempted to buy some here but gee whizz
        Aetna is down nearly $3.00..
        Tell me this; since there are nearly 1.3
        Billion shares of UNH and majority is held
        by institutions, don't you think the analysts
        will say something soon to bring this stock
        back up. Funds like Janice Fund (popular)
        and others will not put up with this much longer I think. Wall street won't let this
        stock hurt either, just not good for the
        Market mentality I would think. Sam I am gabbing..I was really following
        UNH and now, I am at a loss..I should just go
        clean my house and get away from this.

    • when there are more buyers than sellers.

      i got out yesterday at 50.94. i want to get back in at 50.00 or so. it looks like it may not make it but the month chart turned red today so maybe i'll wait for 49.00.....steve

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      • I got out twice at high 50's. Somhow I smell a rat. There is something not right here. Feels as if this stock wanted to go down. The price is good, but I am afraid that big boys will catch me in their trap, as they did before. So I am waiting for a greater drop. I will buy it under 50. If it does not go that low, than I won't buy. Simple.

    • Hi there,

      Not going up today at least.
      I have the whole health care sector on the
      watch list. They are all down. I am wondering
      if the interest in the health care is diminishing, but not likely, it will come
      back sometime soon. When Aetna is down over $1.00
      and CI, that is usually up is also down, I don't believe today is the day..

    • When the group 'wakes' up. They're doing OK but they seem out of favor right now. The DOW is up 66 points as I type and my portfolio is slightly negative for the day since I am still over-weighted in H/Care. I'm still holding.

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