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  • dusty_m47co dusty_m47co Jul 2, 2007 1:09 PM Flag

    I hope

    F11F1F................still waiting for an apology. Do you want some more links?

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    • He doesn't owe you an apology your links were off topic. You claimed people get a bonus for denying care and then link to friggin Lindo Peeno. While she is a shrew and liar so therefore funny its your link had little to do with your claim. She denied a heart transplant actually correctly based on the policy terms and then went ahead and approved it because she got pissed about the expensive artwork at Humana. At one time heart transplants were considered experimental and the mortality rate was nearly 1 to 1 so policies were written with that exclusion. Gee sounds a bit like single payer state run healthcare where the government decided what treatment you are allowed to have based on age.
      So yeah lets see more links and none about Humana or Linda Penis since you are posting on the UNH board.

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