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  • srlabelle2000 srlabelle2000 May 11, 2009 2:25 PM Flag

    Obama's speech

    In his remarks this afternoon, he lists three "key principles", the principles do not include the "public option" or anything that looks like the "public option".
    Now we just need to see if the congressional liberals can pull off some sort of palace revolt.
    I have to admit that I am surprised that the sector has not responded positively. I may be too myopic when it comes to this stock and sector, maybe I just don't get the big picture, but it seems to me that we see a president being handed health reform on a platter, a president who needs to get this done before the exploding deficit derails his whole game plan.
    Going towards national healthcare with no funding in place just seems like tilting at windmills. I like Obama(I voted for him) but I hope he picks up the "$2 trillion" offer and runs with it rather than seeks wolfish national healthcare hiding in a "public option" sheepskin suit.

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    • "maybe I just don't get the big picture"

      I'm not sure if you do or not, but most people have no idea. Most respond like a sponsored commercial funded by the AMA.

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      • lets put it this way...from an imperical stand point the evidence over 50 years says if the pharma companies, trial lawyers, doctors and HMO's say they can reduce costs...they are lieing....if the government says...we can make healthcare more effecient, manage it and make sure you get just as much care ,if you are presently covered, by adding 42M uninsured, including 12M illegals...THEY ARE DAMN LIERS

        The truth is by the time they get done f'ing with this cluster fuc...honest, legal taxpayers will pay more...those in this country illegally will pay nothing....and everyone will get a level of service that is equivalent to Europe which on the Other than that what this means to UNH..I have no idea except have them look at how banks, Fannie mae, Freedie Mac and auto companies are doing since Obama and his cronies have got involved...doesn't sound to promising

    • This was the point of my original email. He can't get reform through without broad taxation. If his party pushes this wagon alone then it means loss of Dem seats in congress at the next mid terms in Nov 10. This translates to a reduced majority and dilution of control. He really needs GOP support for tax and spend particularly on Health Reform. The GOP might agree to broad taxation to provide universal coverage in return for the Dems dropping the concept of a public plan and cost containment via self regulation of the private sector on expenditure cuts. Seems pretty obvious to me. The Dems can't get this done on their own without a potential for massive political backlash against them. Apart from the screaming liberal minority interests calling for the end of private healthcare a vast majority of people want universal coverage provided it does not affect their own positions personally in terms of quality of care or cost. The Dems realise pushing this wheelbarrow alone is ultimately a likely loser from a political perspective. The President will now distance himself from a public plan to elicit the support from the GOP for an industry based solution.

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      • Here is a good reason to distance himself as you say....both so called trust funds that run our social security benefits and medicare are basically going bankrupt at an accelerated rate . the latest as reported today means that the government will have to borrow trillions more on top of the already monsterous debt they dumped on future generations with an equally sized Recovery type in investment. the changes that they will get the Chinese to buy those bonds >>ZERO the chances we end up a socialized nation of dependent debtors...50%

        WASHINGTON (AP) -- Social Security and Medicare are fading even faster under the weight of the recession, heading for insolvency years sooner than previously expected, the government warned Tuesday. Social Security will start paying out more in benefits than it collects in taxes in 2016, a year sooner than projected last year, and the giant trust fund will be depleted by 2037, four years sooner, trustees reported.

        Medicare is in even worse shape. The trustees said the program for hospital expenses will pay out more in benefits than it collects this year, just as it did for the first time in 2008. The trustees project that the Medicare fund will be depleted by 2017, two years earlier than the date projected in last year's report.

        The trust funds -- which exist in paper form in a filing cabinet in Parkersburg, W.Va. -- are bonds that are backed by the government's "full faith and credit" but not by any actual assets. That money has been spent over the years to fund other parts of government. To redeem the trust fund bonds, the government would have to borrow in public debt markets or raise taxes.

      • I wish he would distance himself a little more quickly....maybe in his next speech he could announce that he and Michelle have just purchased Malia and Sasha each 100 shares of UNH for their college savings funds. Yes, that should do it nicely.
        Then maybe a cnbc shot of the kids looking at their stock certificates with big smiles.

    • I do not believe Obama has any of the money needed to do what he or the liberals in congress will do to jamb down the taxpayers throat a national health plan. He simply plans to print the money and then through monitary policy deflate the US dollar until it is worthless or close to it. At that point the TRILLIONS he is borrowing to do his grand socialist planning drops in value around 50%....gee I guess thats how he reduces the defecit in 1/2 in 4 problem however...inflation jumps to double digits ( a la Carter), interest rates too....and instead of owing $12 T in debt in 2014 he (WE) will owe close to $20T. At that point the Chinese have stopped buying funny money US treasuries...a new world currency is being used...and Texas and most of the Southest have claimed sovereigncy and refuse to pay or participate into any government program..basically 1/2 the country is in revolt the rest will be looking for more handouts that can't be delivered

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