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  • fjackny99 fjackny99 Jul 22, 2009 9:42 PM Flag

    Check this poll out

    "We need more coverage in the media"

    Are you f**king retarded or something?

    Every special interest group related to health care is a continuous spew of misinformation. Their goal is to kill the legislation.

    They don't want to give up the $$$$$$$!!

    The AMA etc. etc.

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    • ya you are right Jack...we need to turn that $$$$$ over to Obama and the federal least when I pay a premium to a private health insurer i can always buy their stock and make $$$$$ jack...when i give it to the empty suit facist I get higher you jack in NY what do you pay 55%...government owns you must love it

    • Many labor groups have created advertisements to attack the blue dogs as obstacles for health reform...

      Special interest groups and republicans are starting to fight back.. I am saying that they should use more media coverage to report polls like the one above to show that most Americans do not want a reform.. I wonder how would members of Congress feel when they see a poll showing that more than 3/4 of all Americans does not approve Obama's reform.

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      • It's not just labor groups. It's lobbyists and many, many special interest groups. It's a long list. What they really want is to kill any health care program. The docs know that they will have to compromise just like everyone else and they have a very strong lobby and a lot of money.

        How can you have a poll about who approves and disapproves when we haven't seen a completed policy yet?

        This debate and compromise is long from over. People are getting way ahead of themselves and most do not understand how health insurance programs work.

      • I wouldn't say that most Americans don't want reform. I think there are some very basic changes that need to take place. Some are insurance, some are healthcare and some are tort. But what we don't need is for Washington to scrap our current system and take over.

        1. No more denial of coverage because of pre-existing conditions
        2. No preferential rates for insurance carriers. Currently carriers negotiate their own rates and then providers charge a higher cash rate to those with no provider.
        3. Insurance carries should not be able to get out of paying a claim when someone actually gets sick.
        4. We need to expand the use of social groups to form insurance pools.
        5. Allow people to continue their current insurance indefinitely if they lose their job or they leave.
        6. We should not allow the pharmaceutical companies to sell prescriptions in other countries for less than they sell them here. Every country needs to pay their share of the development cost of treatment or they don't get it. It's not right that Americans bear the majority of that burden.
        7. We need to control costs and that has to start with tort reform. According to a 2004 Congressional Budget Office report Professional Liability is the fastest growing segment of healthcare costs. That cost gets passed through the system to everyone and the only one that benefits are the trial lawyers.
        8. There is some issues with fraud in Medicaid and Medicare but that is not a health care problem that is a criminal problem.
        9. We should not be providing health care to illegal aliens. If they are here illegally and come to our hospitals we should stabilize them and then ship them home. We want immigrants not illegal aliens.

        If we make some alterations to the system we can make it work better for everyone but we don't need to scrap the system and we sure don't need Washington running things. Just ask a public school teacher what Washington has done for public education.

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