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  • rationalthought11 rationalthought11 Aug 18, 2009 5:38 PM Flag

    Article by Bob Hebert.

    Hey asssshhhooole medicare pays about 92 cents of every dollar to care providers 8 cents to bureacracy
    pvt health insureance ?? About 78 cents the rest? dividends croporate profits and corporate "bureacracy". But why would you know that--You're a GOP goon

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    • The right way to look at it is to convert the 8% to $. The comparison will then show that Medicare is less efficient on a per memeber per month $ cost. For example, Medicare premiums for a month are about $800 for a good plan. 8% of $800 is $64. 15% for overhead and profit for under 65 insurers with a $300 premium pmpm is $45. Using % distorts the real cost. By the way, we pay bills with $, not %.

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      • Good post absolutely correct. Interesting how few people are smart enough to figure this out. One always should be asking 5 percent of what? Twenty percent of what?
        Just like the 45 million uninsured liet that doesn't parse out those who can easily afford health insurance but choose not to, legal aliens covered by their home countries and illegals who shouldn't be covered anyway. Why because it scales the problem to a point that no radical change is needed.

    • Wrong.. private health insurance pays out about 83-86 cents per dollar of premium for medical costs. And they are much better at catching fraud than government run medicare. Of the 92 cents paid out to provider under medicare, probably 10% of that is unnecessary. The extra administrative costs paid to private insurers are well worth it. (Not to mention that providers are always complaining that they are underpaid by Medicare)

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