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  • business_azurik business_azurik Jan 9, 2003 12:37 PM Flag

    Melhado Flynn's Research

    I have their research if anyone wants to view it. It's in Adobe PDF format. The research says SNT is an "exceptional investment oppurtunity" and has a 12-18 month price target of $7 to $10 based mainly on the company's cash-per-share licensing potential. Just give me a reply back with an e-mail address.

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    • Thanks Terry, as of Friday aftermarket action, the price is now $16.13, in the past three trading days I have made a 118% gain, makes up for the some high buy of SNT from a couple years back.

      You are right when you say SNT is not much of a trading stock, however, from what I gain from your last post and other previous posts, you do trade a portion of it, with the other portion in lockup just in case it rockets without you knowing so.

      I am thinking about that at this moment. I currently hold about 5000 shares. I do not plan to sell that portion. However, I am thinking about buying about a 1000 more just for that. SNT says the Chinese deal will be finalized in about 3-6 months. That annoucement was in November. So I'm guessing it would be signed on or before April and predicting a jump when they do announce it. Maybe a slight oppurtunity in sell some to make a quick buck there? We'll see.. but those 5000 SNT's.. I'm holding for a lot more, virtue of patience:)

    • I would be interested in that report.
      My e-mail address is