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  • investora2z investora2z Nov 20, 2013 10:58 AM Flag


    The upcoming results will indicate how things are progressing as far as multiple myeloma is concerned. Positive news could take the stock higher. However, the potential applications of the technology in agricultural science also hold a lot of potential. That aspect does not find too much mention as the focus so far has primarily been on treatment of cancer. The encouraging results in pre-clinical and the clinical trials for cancer treatment so far have taken away the focus from the agricultural applications. The potential of agricultural applications of the technology is perhaps underrated, especially in light of the partnerships which the company has, and the patents which it owns. Senesco has a number of agreements with companies in the agricultural field. In November 2006, it had entered into a collaboration with Bayer Crop Science to use the technology on Brassica oilseeds to improve the yield of canola. Its agreement with Monsanto enabled to use Senesco's yield and stress technology on corn and soybeans. Other companies with which it has an arrangement include Cal/West Seeds, ArborGen and Rahan Meristem. In fact, the original discovery of eIF5A was in plants, and the human applications weretried because the genetic sequence of eIF5A (Factor 5A) is very close to that of a plant. The agricultural aspect has the potential to generate regular inflow for the company sooner compared to the cancer therapy applications. It is already contributing a bit. As mentioned in the recently filed 10Q for the period ending Sep 30, the company received a revenue of $100,000 which relates to a milestone payment in connection with an agricultural license agreement. However, the immediate trigger will be the trial results. The company will make the presentations to give an update on the progress at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting to be held early next month.

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    • As long suggested, the BODand management could not pay atention on how to create value for sharehders effectively. Ask Sam Wasal, not Harlan, as core share appecation officer, he will do 100X better job than Les & Joe. Harlan is great for his generousity and scientific research, could not lead the co to the next level as his brother.

      Bill Gates & Co sent billions in medical field and could not accomplish what one tenth of what JT did. There is not sensefor these people did 100 to 1 resere spilt, yet NO reduction on their compensations by 99%. They did not enhance the company value. When Les started, 70 million shares at $0.6/share, 4 years later, $0.02/share for 300 million shares. The market cap went from $42 million to $6 million, yet the got 4% raise every year. How would you judge their performances? STINK!