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  • mastercarpenter39 mastercarpenter39 Dec 30, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    This is not big deal , Its huge , IT may be the biggest news in history of the world


    THis is in my opinion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    • The data of the 4th cohort will be reported the end of Q1 2014. In treating cancer in mice the tumor completely disappeared. Senesco will have a patent on all forms of treatment each could be a $1billion :If we are successful in our phase 2 clinical work, Senesco will be worth at least $1 billion. If we show potential in one cancer type, that will indicate potential in most types of cancer. That will be recognized right away. That's where the valuation of the company is going to take off. Even if Senesco were valued at $100 million today, I would consider that low because when we are able to demonstrate the potency of this drug, the valuation will be in the billions, immediately.

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    • Number 1: Senesco just reported excellent data for cohort 3 of the current clinical trial. This milestone event takes Senesco one step closer to addressing the $75 billion cancer drug market.

      Number 2: Opko's (OPK), Dr. Phillip Frost just initiated a 9.99% position in Senesco. As some of my readers know, all my Dr. Frost investments have provided returns above 100%. For example, soon after Dr. Frost initiated a position in MusclePharm (OTCQB:MSLP), the stock went from $4 to $13.

      Dr. Frost and his team are capable of conducting a very high level of due diligence, and his investment in Senesco is a strong validation of the company's management and technology. It's probably not coincidental that Dr. Frost initiated his Senesco position immediately after the positive cohort 3 data was announced. One also has to wonder if Opko could be interested in acquiring Senesco.

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      • I think you are right and that his long range plans are to take over Senesco. Those who are involved with Senesco have put in their time. John Thompson is 69 years old and one wonders how much longer he can carry the torch. He has a fine set of researchers along side him, but there comes a time. Harlan wants to be retired permanently and Les is no spring chicken so are the members of the board. I see this as a long/short term play to acquire Senesco. The number will be cheaper the earlier he gets the company as the value has not quite been established and it may take the super results of Phase 2 before the value is clear to everyone.

      • While I am also an investor in Dr. Frost I am cautious as to how he treats existing shareholders of new companies with which he "controls". IMO while Senesco's technology is what has attracted Dr. Frost and associates I am sure it also had something to do with the company needing money, leaving the good Dr. (and associates) to receive very favorable terms on his timetable.

        Dr. Frost is very good at creating and finding synergies among companies in order to create new drugs and therapies to treat many diseases of the human race. While he has displayed this in his past project inv3estments like ivax, in the end this is still an investment and return to shareholders (not just Frost and associates or the big pharma that eventually swallows the opko shell) in the form of COMPANY PROFITS is equally important to me.

        Investors that have invested in Senesco thinking that the "multibillion market" that they are awaiting to tap with their cohort 3 trials drug may never materialize under terms favorable to current shareholders. If history repeats itself Sensecos technology will likely be given to another one of Frost's companies of which has a better platform for using it on his timetable. This being said be very careful investing in the hype generated by all the Frost "groupies" and shorts alike. The timetable for this and other "roll-outs" is not IMO generated for maximum return to shareholders. Instead IMO it is to be slowly absorbed by Frost and associates to sell to a targer Pharma much below the true potential of the technology



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      • Agreed, but I was asking about the merger news?
        I hope opko doesn't buy Senesco..I was hoping for significantly more than even what Opko is worth. Pfizer on the other hand!!!! (the silent partner that will now be a holder of the new company)

    • Just curious to why you think this!
      I am unsure of the synergies for the science, or business strategy, but Im excited that we are moving forward with a new experienced team (we still do not know this 100%, but I cannot see Frost taking a back seat). Hopefully the value on their side proves up also.