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  • zippy_icon zippy_icon Jan 29, 2014 7:35 PM Flag

    Fabrus merger

    I understand SNTI is very undervalued with a current market cap of only 20M. The risk/reward ratio is quite high, and we all know this can triple, quadruple or even go beyond if the results are promising from the Cohort 4, which is to be expected within the next 5-6 months. However, I am not understanding why the market is not interested. Is it because of the fear of dilution or uncertainty with the merger of Fabrus? From the presentation, it seems that they have enough cash until the year end and also Fabrus has a very extensive pipeline that will add more value to the company. I just find it hard to believe why we are at right now. Can someone here shed light? Thanks.

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    • @zippy. The acquisition of Fabrus by Senesco will give them a better delivery system for SNS01-T. I assume they will use it in Phase 2b. The valuation of Fabrus is at question and is being determined by an accountant or team of them. It is hoped that the valuations are equal and that they will double the valuation of Senesco when the merger is done. The results of cohort 4 are important and it is hoped that they will be groundbreaking, but the jury is still out about it and it will not be until we find out what the results are that will indicate how efficacious this drug therapy is. So a lot hinges on cohort 4. If successful, then a partnership is imminent with ???? Who knows? It could be TEVA, OPKO, or even Eli Lilly. Who knows? In the meantime, we should get some additional catalysts. Not sure what they will be but the merger and relisting on the Nasdaq will give it a boast.

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