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  • betasplen1 betasplen1 Nov 9, 2012 10:34 AM Flag

    Good buy in the $2s

    I like the fact that they are finally trying to align expenses with decreasing revenues. I think they will get back to breakeven by 2H13 and will head back to $6 range. Cash is still $5.56/share or so. Doesn't look like they will buyback anything till they turnaround the company since the cash horde is not helping their valuation anyway and S&P is still targetting $2.50. In the absence of a company buyback, there is absolutely no catalyst for this to move up significantly for the next 3-6 months, now that Romney has lost and nobody cares about Enterprise value. I will buy some leaps once it has settled down...

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    • Was a good buy at $6, then $5, then $4, then $3's now $2' would have been better served to actually have done your homework on the industry and this company. Fixed costs for CECO within Educational Services (Cost of Services) are close to $450mm (run the regression yourself)....they won't be able to keep cutting that line item past a certain point, regardless of how far revenue falls.......DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND STOP GUESSING!!!! Yes, for-profit is a cheap sector and is close to reaching the point of maximum pessimism......but CECO has the highest probability of already being in secular decline and not enjoying any significant rally.

      I cannot imagine that anyone is this stupid, and so I must guess that you are a short seller who has continuously (and unethically) been trying to get folks to buy the shares you have been selling short.

      Since you have been wrong since this stock has been cut in half, you have lost any right to have an opinion regardless.

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      • Where are those US stocks that are trading below cash? I think I told you to stop chiding others unless you have something useful to provide. Now you have just become a grumpy old man, be-littling others. What is your stake here? Are you short? Or you just feel good to come here and say "I told you so?". What an egomaniac. This is my last post to you as you are no different from the other braggadacios on the message board. I will trade again from the $2s despite your rants...

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