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  • snakepoke3311 snakepoke3311 Mar 6, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    HELP! about to make 52 week low WHAT IS WRONG HERE PLEASE

    isn't the stock price oversold and undervalued??

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    • Zero obviously, unlikely though.

      Yep, way oversold.

      The latest drop began as soon as the senate said that they want to put their 2 cents into running the business.

      Missing by a penny should not have driven it this low.

    • The way publicly traded companies are set up TODAY limits the downside to only ZERO.

      Back in olden days 1920's & 1930's you could have been on the hook for ADDITIONAL money if the company went under and could not pay creditors. Today, your liability is limited to amount of your investment.

      Most of "for profit" education is a scam. Most of it is on borrowed time...

      The $64k question is whether CECO is part of it? If it is, it probably a zero eventually.

      If it is NOT, then they might survive.

      Any thoughts?

    • If you don't know the answer, you are gambling. If you are gambling, you should not expect to make money. See the 11/30/12 post "CECO is NOT a value play". They are burning the cash that everyone loves to point at as the safety mechanism. Without the govt. fueled debt bubble in student loans they would have never made so much money in the past. Now it is unclear if they can make any money (meaning free cash flow, NOT earnings.) 95-99% of the people in message boards should buy index funds and stop wasting their hard-earned money catching the falling knives and chasing tech stocks to the moon. At the proverbial poker table of life, YOU are the sucker. Stop now!

    • well, it COULD go to zero. The stock is not undervalued. It's hanging in at roughly the amount of available cash they have per share. However, if they don't get things moving, they'll burn cash and this could get ugly.

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