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  • gman310 gman310 Jun 28, 2005 11:37 AM Flag

    Where to put the money???

    Looking for other places to put my BPT gains, and am looking at PTR, NRGP, and WTI.

    Anybody have any useful informaton, opinions, or other comments?


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    • I learned my lesson during the era. . .if you make money, BANK HALF OF IT. . .put it in t-bills (even with the crap rate). . .and then invest the other half. . .the old gambling way of "doubling down". . .I sold 300 shares of BPT recently, let the other 1100 ride. . .but my 300 shares paid for my 1100. . .(in at 11 and 16).

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      • I did that already. I started with BPT at 20, sold half at 40, bought back, sold, bought back, sold... Last time was in April after the div., at 59 (I am tempted to buy BPT every time that it dips below 60), and sold today at 73.

        I have made my money back many times over, and I still keep my core shares for the dividend.

        Energy is a nice place to be, but BPT is a little to volatile IMHO to keep too much in there at this point.


    • >>Looking for other places to put my BPT gains...Anybody have any useful informaton, opinions, or other comments?<<

      Take a look at DSTI (Daystar Technology). They just won a 60 million dollar contract to supply Photvoltaic Thin Foil to a German Solar Energy integrator.

      Disclosure: I'm LONG BPT, and I'm LONG DSTI.

      Energy is the place right now (hey...along with Google). Alternative Energy sources will be every bit as hot and profitable as oil and oil exploration and drilling are now.

      On THAT note: You might also want to check out HP...and no, I'm not referring to the computer manufacturer.

      Good Fortune to You.

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      • bodjango2003,

        DSTI looks interesting, during last year low of 1.4 up to +14 today. Do you think this has more room to run ? Would have been nice to get in 6-months ago, that's for sure.

        Have ended up in a couple of stocks from posts such as this, and appreciate the tip.

        Think that time will prove you right in "Alternative energy sources will be hot sector". Trick is to find the right stock.

        In closing, BPT has been the right stock to be in the last 10-years. Less than 3-years ago hoping it would hit 20 & here it is at +70 plus great dividend.

        Best to all BPT peoples.


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