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  • electriccockroach electriccockroach Nov 12, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    This is what happens when an incompetent black guy is elected -he appoints incompetents


    impeach obozop the radical muslim clown for the murder of 4 americans and the cover up

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    • Who should we impeach for the genocide of the American Indians? Let me think... someone pale-facede? Clinton is white and he was too busy getting his dick sucked to deal with Bin Laden when the time was right... and then there's Custer... arrogant, hateful, white and DEAD 100x over. Wait, don't forget... Hitler, the #$%$ who blew his brains out like a little girl hidden away in his bunker. The symbol for all time -- ALL TIME -- (that means forever) that racist maniacs are not only maniacs, but cowards. I'm sad for you buddy, if all your chips are on white LOL

    • Probably seems like the end of the world if you are a Nazi conserative.

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      • Don't worry, sleep, Nazis always blow their cowardly brains out when the going gets rough. Boo hoo for all the down-trodden white MEN in the world. I'm just crying buckets over here... but you're right, I think white conservative american men have no clue how to handle the inevitable evening of the odds. I can only imagine what they'd be saying if the President were a woman. Cause women should be barefoot in the kitchen while the blacks are out in the fields picking the cotton, don't ya know? And, wait, the SOUTH will rise again! LOL NOT!! #$%$ racist white #$%$ should all be strung up by their balls and have the stupid beaten out of them slowly and with great care. I'd be happy to volunteer... you know how men cherish a woman's touch

      • or you, an obvious gutless, egg-sucking, politically correct supporter of a welfare state and poor voters paid for their votes by government largess; U.S. going down the economic drain like Greece and Spain. Just don't buy any Fed Bonds = junk.

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    • Why do you have to insert "black?" Incompetent people always surround themselves with incompetent people. They are not comfortable with intelligent, constructive interaction. They prefer to hang out as opposed to creating plans and action. This has nothing to do with race, gender, etc. Of course, he is not governing and yes, he appoints people who are not interested in running the country. Not interested in putting their shoulders to the wheel for the country. Nothing to do with race and everything to do with character and ideology.

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