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  • m20m75ph m20m75ph Jan 15, 2014 1:07 PM Flag

    Hedgeye Bear Attack coming on BPT

    For those of you who are LINE holders, you will know what this means.He is doing a 2pm call today with his band of 20 year old day traders who still live at home. He is claiming the NPV of BPT is 33. His research has already been totally discredited by his calls on LINE, KMP and MCD - but no matter, the stock will go down and he will make money. For those of you long term holders with spine, this will be a nice time to add....

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    • There was a lot of Put buying over the past two days, this guy is just trying to make huge profits through manipulation

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      • Sure, he makes a preposterous and unsupported claim, like the NPV is33, but only after he is short like 100,000 shares - then he gets his day traders - they pay like $30 per month each for his "research" - he gets them all on a call and gives them the pitch - its easy because none of them can even read a financial statement - then they all short the bejesus out of whatever he told them to - meanwhile Kaiser is quietly covering and counting his profits - he takes no risk - it is a sure thing - the losers are the dumb day traders that get in too late or thin skinned BPT holders who get scared and sell - don't worry it'll all be over before the next ex-div date because these shorts won't want to pay a $2.50 distribution!

      • Agree 100% with you on the manipulation - however, some on the this board want you to believe it is based on the price of oil or Iran. Oil is up almost $2.00 today (over 2% and closing in on $95), but this is down almost 3% - a 5% real decline. These funds can really create panic in a thinly traded stock and a lot of retail holders are selling in panic. This does present a buying opportunity, but probably need to wait until one last large push to the down side.

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